VHC Cypress Jute Rustic & Lodge Oval Rug

VHC Cypress Jute Rustic & Lodge Oval Rug

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The natural versatility of jute is paired with a solid green to allow the Cypress Jute Rug Oval to fit almost anywhere. Because of its solid color, the Cypress Jute Rug Oval allows your eyes to focus on its natural, earthy texture. Unpretentious and raw, this rug captures the heart of rustic living.


  • Solid cypress braided jute fibers
  • Solid design for easy transition across any look
  • Braided: Machine braided, Machine stitched


  • Material: 100% jute
  • Color: cypress
  • Manufacturer Country: India
  • Care: Spot clean only, no chlorine bleach.

Sizes Available

  • 60x96

    Weight: 21.9 lb
    Dimensions: L60"xW96"

  • 36x60

    Weight: 7.3 lb
    Dimensions: L36"xW60"

  • 27x48

    Weight: 4.3 lb
    Dimensions: L27"xW48"

  • 20x30

    Weight: 2 lb
    Dimensions: L20"xW30"

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