VHC Natural Jute Farmhouse Oval Rug

VHC Natural Jute Farmhouse Oval Rug

from 20.95
Natural jute goes with almost anything! The Natural Jute Rug Oval is constructed of unbleached natural jute fibers for a durable and understated look.


  • Natural, unbleached jute fibers
  • Braided: Machine braided, Machine stitched


  • Material: 100% jute
  • Color: natural
  • Manufacturer Country: India
  • Care: Spot clean only, no chlorine bleach.

Sizes Available

  • 60x96

    Weight: 18.8 lb
    Dimensions: L60"xW96"

  • 48x72

    Weight: 10.1 lb
    Dimensions: L48"xW72"

  • 36x60

    Weight: 6.3 lb
    Dimensions: L36"xW60"

  • 27x48

    Weight: 2.7 lb
    Dimensions: L27"xW48"

  • 20x30

    Weight: 1.7 lb
    Dimensions: L20"xW30"

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